For the first time, researchers have shown that older adults can generate as many new brain cells as younger people.

Researchers from Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute studied brains of various ages, and found that each one showed evidence of producing a similar number of new brain cells.

The topic of brain development and aging has been debated for years, with scientists testing and developing new research all the time. In fact, research in rodents and primates shows that their ability to produce new brain cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is largely responsible for memory and emotion, significantly declines as they age. Scientists expected to see similar results in humans.

Associate professor of neurobiology at Columbia University and lead author Maura Boldrini says the findings may suggest that many senior citizens remain more cognitively and emotionally adept than previously believed. She also pointed to other factors that may lead to the cognitive decline that so many seniors experience, including issues with cell-to-cell connectivity, blood flow and a smaller pool of neural stem cells.

While Boldrini and others also say that there is more research to be done, for now, we at AdamsPlace are excited to keep learning and growing well into our senior years!

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