COVID-19 Update 3.24.20

We would like to recognize the overwhelming support we continue to receive from our friends and families. Keeping morale high and expressing gratitude during this time is as important as the safety measures we continue to maintain in every center.

On Facebook, you will see two methods of boosting spirits for our partners and patients.  One is focused on #MakeASeniorSmile.  Many of you are sending cards, letters and drawings to our patients.  Others are posting photos or scheduling a virtual date with a patient.  Some are singing songs and posting those. Please keep it up. It makes our days brighter.

The second is honoring the work of our healthcare heroes. Everyday our partners show up to clean and sanitize, cook and serve, teach and listen, nurse and care for our patients. Take a moment to thank them for their work online or send a card of appreciation.

And many thanks to those of you who willingly follow the precautionary restrictions so necessary during this health crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you have questions during these uncertain times, so click here for some frequently asked questions and answers to help keep you informed.

Prevention is Priority #1 at NHC

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 rapidly evolves, the health and wellbeing of our residents, patients and partners remains our top priority. Additionally, we are equally committed to providing you with frequent updates about the proactive steps we are taking to ensure the safety of everyone concerned.

NHC has implemented the following precautionary measures in accordance with guidelines set forth by the CDC, CMS and local health departments:

  • Restricting ALL visitors – including family members, volunteers and non-essential healthcare personnel – except for end-of-life circumstances
  • Restricting Vendors except those with critical deliveries and needed for plant operations
  • Practicing social distancing in activities and communal dining
  • Daily monitoring of all residents, patients and partners for symptoms related to COVID-19
  • Mandatory screenings for all partners, healthcare providers and vendors prior to entering an NHC facility

We understand these limitations might be distressing to our resident and patient families, but we are doing so out of an abundance of caution in order to protect the health and safety of those in our care. We realize the importance of staying in close contact with your loved ones, which is why we are encouraging families to utilize alternate forms of communication, including phone calls, text, email, video chats, social media and other means.

Finally, in the midst of an ever-changing health crisis, unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Rest assured that our partners are devoted to maintaining normalcy for our residents and patients while simultaneously taking the necessary precautions to protect their health, safety and wellbeing. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support, understanding and cooperation as we navigate these uncertain times, and we will continue to update this page with new information as it becomes available.



What Steps Are We Taking?

In our centers, assisted living communities, and homecare agencies

  • Our clinical teams continue to monitor patients and partners for symptoms.
  • Our Infection Preventionist in each of our NHC centers continues to monitor and educate all our partners on the importance of infection prevention.
  • We have suspended non-essential business travel for our partners to avoid any unnecessary exposure.
  • We have advised our partners experiencing illness to stay home.
  • There will be temporary restrictions on visitors to our healthcare centers to help prevent exposure to our patients.

How Can You Help?

For our visitors and families, we ask each of you to help protect our patients and communities by joining us in these universal precautions.  Please take care of yourself while we take care of your loved ones.

  Visitation Restrictions.  Please comply with any visitation restrictions.  These are in place for the protection of our patients and residents.

  Handwashing.  Follow proper handwashing techniques for at least 20 seconds.

  Coughing or Sneezing.  Cough or sneeze into a tissue that will be thrown away immediately.

  Stay Home.  If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, have traveled to high-risk areas for COVID-19, or had contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19, please stay home.

If possible, we ask you to use other ways to connect with your loved ones such as phone calls, Facetime, text, emails or Facebook.


Stay Up-to-Date

For additional information and ongoing updates on COVID-19, please refer to local and state health departments and the CDC’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) hub.