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Rehab Care

Life, back on course.

Our Rehab Care surrounds patients with support – friendly faces, helping hands and skilled therapists committed to helping with every step of recovery. With an acute understanding of rehabilitative care and decades of experience providing compassionate post-surgical care, we look forward to working with patients and their physicians to provide a comfortable transition to this private environment, where our team can help guide their therapy.

Our highly-individualized care programs are designed to maximize independence with inpatient and outpatient Physical, Occupational, Speech and Respiratory Therapy. Through education, motivation and professional support, we can help ensure your full recovery and joyful return to daily life.

As a patient receiving Rehab Care, you will also have priority placement in Residential Living, Assisted Living and access to other services in The Health Center, located on the same campus.

More information about AdamsPlace Therapy Services below, at 615.904.9111 or by email.

Physical Therapy helps patients restore function, regain strength and mobility, manage pain or adapt to a permanent disability. READ MORE ▶

  • Electrical stimulation
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Massage
  • Mobility training
         - Prostheses - Canes - Walkers
         - Wheelchairs - Crutches
  • Other physical and electrical modalities to reduce pain and increase range of motion
A physician's order for therapy is required to qualify for this service.

Occupational Therapy assists patients with the activities of daily living, home management, and adaptive techniques. READ MORE ▶

  • Teaching compensatory strategies
  • Providing adaptive equipment
  • Strengthening for functional movement
  • Home and daily life management, such as kitchen activities and driving
Occupational Therapy also offers hand rehabilitation.

Speech Therapy helps patients overcome communication conditions such as aphasia, swallowing difficulties and voice disorders. READ MORE ▶

  • Evaluations and therapy for speech/language disorders, dysphagia, voice or audiological disorders
  • Augmentative communication, as needed
  • Aural rehabilitation, as needed
A physician's order for therapy is required to qualify for this service.

Respiratory Therapy assists patients with breathing difficulties to reduce fatigue and increase the enjoyment of daily activities.

Patients in Rehabilitative Care at Adamsplace.

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Opened in 1997, AdamsPlace is a premier senior care community in Rutherford County that includes Residential and Assisted Living with a multi-specialty Health Center and new Memory Care Center. This community provides residents and patients with continuing care and rehabilitative care as well.

AdamsPlace, LLC is a BBB Accredited Assisted Living Center in Murfreesboro, TN
For further information,
contact Buckley Winfree, Administrator, at 615-904-9111.

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